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Services- 100% Price transparency

Appointments can be scheduled online from 12 hours before start time up to 2 weeks in advance.

Need to schedule on short-notice or outside of this timeframe? Call/Text 814-419-5678 .


All appointments will be scheduled for 60 minutes.





We are proud to offer physical therapy and the Gold Standard of Soft Tissue Treatment, Active Release Techniques, to the city of Orange City.  Our private treatment room located within OC Fit Health and Wellness provides a perfect setting to feel better and utilize the modern equipment to stay feeling better. 

Dr. Andrew also offers ART on-site wellness treatment for corporations through Active Release Techniques Corporate Solutions. He currently provides treatment at 6 corporations throughout NW Iowa and SE South Dakota. If your corporation has any interest in on-site services, please reach out to Dr. Andrew at 814-419-5678.

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